Monday, April 04, 2005


i desire a bike with abandon. i seek to skillfully dovetail my tire tread to the road. weary from being poor, i am beginning to see the light. i am saving. i will purchase, sweet sweet italian products. then when i think to myself, 'how many vespas do i own?', my answer will not be 'one, including the one on the bag of coffee from starbucks.'

here's something i was looking at today. mr. portuguese, my brother, my associate, my cofounder... what do you think about this?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Everybody say hello to the newest member of the Whittier Scooter Patrol family...


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

some links and stuff

i posted a couple of links in the sidebar to the right. The first link is a great resource for learning about scooters, and scoot culture. They've got a classifieds section, mechanicle section, and much much more.

then there's the FAQ's link. great great link from a scoot club out in NYC. lots of great info there.

then the third one is a relaly simple link if you don't know too mmuch about scoots and want to know what kind would be good for you and what you do.

in a sad sort of an update, the scoot linked below in the first official W.A.S.P. newsletter was purchased, but unfortunately not by Mr. Portuguese. I guess well find another candidate for our fine friend to ride around on.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

W.A.S.P. newsletter #1

W.A.S.P. newsletter #1

First order of business, I move to ratify our official W.A.S.P names
St. Ellsworth and Mr. Porutugese respectively.

Second, I move to ratify the above named individuals as the founders of W.A.S.P.

Third, here is a link to an auction on ebay. i bet you could get this
for $450 or $500 cash, then pour the rest of what you were going to
spend into making it exactly as you want it.
scooter on ebay

Fourth, Dave Price has recently become the manager of Vespa Newport Beach. This is a big hookup for us. Parts, entire scoots, seats, tuneups, whatever. This is a big hookup

In closing, please second any motions you agree with for ratification, and we will be able to wrap the gavel on our first W.A.S.P. newsletter.

scooterly, and italian
St. Ellsworth

Mr. Portuguese, in response

To his holiness of the the Scoot, Saint. Ellsworth,

Forthwith I second all motions made by your person in the first official W.A.S.P newsletter.

The names of both ourselves and the organization being official, I recommend we do the only appropriate thing. This being, to lord it over all others we come in contact with who have missed their opportunity to join such a riotous (and righteous) group. This will insure both our superiority and that no one will want to join the group later on, out of jealousy and irritation at our annoying talk.

Also; I have visited the auction of note and have contacted the illustrious seller. Based on the further investigation on scooter engine-rebuild pricing etc, we may have our first addition into the W.A.S.P arsenal.

This hereby concludes my addition to the already momentous and historic W.A.S.P newsletter #1.

Mr. Portuguese esq.